Lesson Plan 43 - Thursday, March 7

Essential Question: What are key basic business concepts and how are they applied to business activities?
Key Questions:

What role (s) does business play in our society? What are the different types of business activities? What is the role government plays in the formation of business? What is a global marketplace? What are the chief imports & exports of the United States?

Activating Strategy: Name three things you remember from yesterday
Instructional Strategies
and Activities:

Finish discussion of business plans started yesterday.

Analyze some sample plans from bplans.com

Summarizing Strategy:  
Assessment:  Observation, Activity Results, Unit Test
Resources: Presentation, Computers, Internet
GPS: BCS-BE-9: The student demonstrates an understanding of the importance of developing and organizing a successful business plan.
a. Analyzes the process for developing a business plan.
b. Identifies components and format of a business plan.
c. Describes the advantages of a well-prepared business plan.
d. Identifies types of assistance offered by the Small Business Development Center, Chamber of Commerce, and other state and federal government agencies when developing a business.