Rocky Branch Elementary School

Student Resources

Helpful Websites/Resources

Early Elementary (Grades K-2):



Elementary (Grades 3-5):



  Quick Tip replaces the previously used "Talk About It" 

Google Documents

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Typing/Keyboarding Programs

Beginning Typing (Touch Typing)

Dance Mat Typing (K-5)

This site is highly graphic and sound rich. It shows proper finger placement and provides leveled lessons.">/

Big Brown Bear (3-5)

This no frills site does a great job of teaching touch typing.

It has lessons for students to progress through and shows finger placement.

Advanced Typing

After students have mastered the basics of proper touch typing the following sites are appropriate for improving typing speed:

Type Racing Game

Practice and race against others online to get the highest scores.

Bubble Typing

Type the correct key to burst the bubbles.>

Kindergarten Websites


* Internet 4 Classrooms Kindergarten

First Grade Websites

* Internet 4 Classrooms 1st Grade

Second Grade Websites

Internet 4 Classrooms 2nd Grade

Third Grade Websites

*Third Grade Learning Links

*Kids Emotion


* Internet 4 Classrooms 3rd Grade

*Dictionary for Kids

Place Value Review

*Place Value Games

*Multiplication Practice

Search Engines

* Yahoo for Kids


*Ask Jeeves


Fourth Grade Websites

* Internet 4 Classrooms 4th Grade

Fifth Grade Websites

* Internet 4 Classro