Rocky Branch Elementary School

Motto, Vision, and Mission Statement


Rocky Branch Elementary School will be known for high academic achievement and developing students who can adapt and contribute to the global community.



Rocky Branch Elementary will lead the state in academic achievement by providing support and differentiation as needed to ensure student mastery of state and national standards.



Guiding Principles

1. Students
learning needs are the focus of all decisions.
2. School staff members are highly qualified and have high expectations for student learning and behavior.
3. School and system staff work collaboratively as a team and are loyal to and supportive of one another.
4. Students are engaged in the learning process and are given opportunities to apply learning in authentic situations.
5. Differentiated learning opportunities are provided to ensure the success of all students.
6. Students are provided a safe and positive learning environment where each student
s uniqueness is valued.

7. Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the schools mission.
8. School improvement is a continuous process with progress monitored regularly using multiple data sources.
9. Technology is used to enhance teaching and learning.


Mission of Statement of the Oconee County School System

The mission of the Oconee County School System is to serve our community by providing each student educational opportunities designed to ensure success as an involved and responsible citizen. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment, recognizing and addressing individual differences, involving parents, and making wise use of community resources.

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