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Oconee Food for Kids

Posted by Angela Harris

Posted on 16:00, Wednesday, September 10

Putting the Rockets’ Way into action

through Contribution!

Oconee Food for Kids

To help bridge the food gap for some children during the weekend, sacks of kid-friendly

food are distributed every week to children in Oconee County.


The month of September Rocky Branch will be collecting:


Boxes of snack-sized microwave

 popcorn (10 per box)


Just send your popcorn donations to school with your child, or drop them off in the front office.  This is an excellent opportunity to have your child learn about Contribution – which is part of the Rockets’ Way!  Here are some ideas for how your child can be involved in this activity, rather than you just purchasing the item and sending it to school:

·         Allow your child to check prices for the popcorn.  Then, figure out a way that your child can earn that amount of money so he/she is purchasing the item for donation.

·         You could do a matching gift with your child.  For every box of popcorn that your child purchases with his/her money, you will purchase that many boxes with your money.

·         Split the cost of a box with your child.

·         Help your child decide a snack he/she will give up this week.  Then, use that money toward purchasing the popcorn.

·         Have your child look for coupons and sales for popcorn to get the most popcorn for your money!  You might need to do this with your child, depending on the age.

One of our goals is to help students learn to contribute to others for a greater good.  This is just one of the many opportunities your child will have this year to be a small part of something much larger!  - Beth Porter, Counselor

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