Oconee County High School

Media Center

Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Non-reference: 2 weeks
Reference: Overnight

Non-reference: $.05/day per book
Reference: $.05/period per day

$.10 per page

Dr. Mary Lane Todd
Media Specialist - B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.,
The University of Georgia

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General Information
Students should have their OCHS Student Handbook Planner signed by their teacher when coming to the Media Center. A signed planner is not required before school or after school. A signed planner is required during all lunch periods.

Students may come to the Media Center at anytime throughout the school day, provided it is approved by their teacher.

Books are checked out for a two week period but can be renewed. Reference books can be checked out for one class period during the school day or overnight (3:30 p.m. - 8:15 a.m.). All fines must be paid before any books can be checked out or renewed.

Students are allowed to have up to five books checked out of the library at one time.
Current magazines and newspapers may not be taken from the Media Center. Students and teachers using the Media Center expect these materials to be available by request for research projects. The Media Center has available old magazines and newspapers from which articles may be clipped.

A copy machine and printer are available for student use.

Food, drinks, or gum should not be brought into the Media Center.

Program Goals

  • The library media center staff will maintain a climate conducive to the students' growth in factual knowledge, technological knowledge, library appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.
  • The library media center staff will assist students in the development of attitudes and skills which will enable them to become independent, lifelong learners.
  • The library media center staff will assist teachers in the development of the curriculum and instructional program of the school and will support students in the achievement of curricular and instructional goals.
  • The library media center staff will provide access to materials that support a wide range of student needs, abilities, and interests.
  • The library media center staff will provide a framework for cooperatively planned, instructional related, and unified media services developed at our school.

Objectives For Students

  • To make the library media center program an integral part of the curriculum
  • To provide reading guidance
  • To provide meaningful, timely instruction in information access skills, including print, non-print, and electronic means
  • To provide materials for reference and research
  • To maintain desirable attitudes and social behavior
  • To provide a wide variety of reading materials for all uses
  • To provide an opportunity for recreational reading
  • To develop respect for others ' rights and privileges
  • To develop good thinking and learning habits
  • To form the habit of using library media centers and materials

Objectives For Teachers

  • To assist in the selection and utilization of library media materials
  • To participate in programs for the continuing professional growth of the school staff
  • To provide materials and resources to support curricular integration
  • To plan cooperatively for information access skills integration into the curriculum
  • To maintain a flexible schedule for more effective and efficient use of library media materials and resources
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